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Steven Price

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Steven Price - Gravity

As featured in Gravity (2013) Dir. Alfonso Cuaron

30 years ago, The Breakfast Club had detention.
30 years on and it still remains as iconic and relevant as ever before.

30 years ago, The Breakfast Club had detention.

30 years on and it still remains as iconic and relevant as ever before.

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Freddie Got Fingered: 0 Academy Awards
American Hustle: 0 Academy Awards

American Hustle = Freddie Got Fingered.

Simple math.

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So that’s it for 2014

The 86th Academy Awards have officially ended and whilst Gravity took the most awards (7 in total), it was 12 Years A Slave that went home with the Best Picture accolade.

Taking the hosting reign was Ellen whose shenanigans ranged from taking the most retweeted picture of all time (yes, actually) to ordering pizza for the guests at the Dolby Theatre. It was much safer than last year, but it also felt more genuine, far less contrived.

The night started off with Jared Leto winning for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. With a speech that hinted at confidence in winning, as recognised by Sky Movies, we had our first political statement of the night.

Gravity then started to take some of the more technical awards with The Great Gatsby sneaking a couple in between. 

John Williams got his 49th (forty ninth) Oscar nomination this year, becoming the most nominated man in history. Sadly this was not to be his year as his score for The Book Thief, was beaten by Steven Price’s Gravity score.

Lupita Nyong’o won for her portrayal of slave girl Patsy in 12 Years a Slave. A moving speech accompanied her win. By this stage, it was clear that the Academy was once again going by the numbers. That meant, even with some of the more obscure categories, such as best original song, there were very few surprises.

Alfonso Cuaron took the best director award and immediately recognised his lead actress, Sandra Bullock. It was not to be a repeat of her 2006 success though as widely tipped favourite Cate Blanchett won. Rightly fighting the cause for leading ladies everywhere, Blanchett reiterated the need for more women in lead roles. Critical and commercial rewards are there to be reaped - so why not??

God played a minimal role tonight, but he was thanked by best actor Matthew McConaughey upon receipt of his trophy. A wonderfully personal story of his father looking down on him, and statements about heroes - this years Oscars theme - were all present for his first ever Oscar win.

Finally Steve McQueen gave a somewhat surprised speech as he accepted the award for best picture. Possibly suspecting he would lose to Gravity, the final speech of the evening was befitting of his beautifully emotional slavery epic. Whilst British directors are struggling to win over audiences with run-of-the-mill standard action romps (I’m talking about you Paul WS ‘Pompeii’ Anderson), McQueen proves that you can make films that will win audiences over, whatever the subject matter, if done tastefully and respectfully.

It is now 5.30am so I will wrap this up pretty quickly. A few stutters aside, Ellen was a superb host. bringing a mixture of pure cheek and washing it down with a generous dose of ‘did she really just do that?!' There were very few surprises, but that is becoming customary now. A sign of the standard of films, or the Academy's lack of guts - no one knows. But it does take away some of the excitement.

That said, thank goodness they did not recognise American Hustle in any way shape or form. It did not deserve to be and I am thankful it wasn’t.

Thanks to all who contributed in anyway, be it reblogging or simply just reading. Special thanks to dandancantfly and punkzelda3 for providing some much needed stimulating conversation to help get me through it all. My apologies also go to Leia, who I woke up, despite my best efforts. She can’t read this, but just in case, I’m sorry!

See you all again, same time next year. Until then, good night.

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